9 Wines to Stock for Winter

9 Wines Perfect for Winter

With dropping temperatures and dropping leaves it’s clear that winter will soon be upon us. The fast approaching winter months mean more time indoors with family and friends. Holiday parties and heavy dinners need wines that can compliment the festivities. Take a look at some of our top suggestions for your perfect winter wines!

Hearty, Bold Reds

Red wines take center stage in cooler months. These wines are full of body and have a high tannin quantity which makes them a perfect pairing for those savory holiday dinners.

  1. Cabernet Sauvignon. One of the most popular red wines, cabernet sauvignon is a bold, full bodied wine. The high tannin content means it can stand up to any hearty main course.
  2. Petite Sirah. This wine has a delightful combination of both fruitiness and smokiness making it another great option to be served alongside your more savory dishes. As a bonus, Petite Sirah has a higher antioxidant quantity than other reds.
  3. Malbec shows off top fruit and oak flavors with a shorter finish. That makes it a perfect pair for leaner meats, like that Thanksgiving turkey, and cheese.

Smooth, Dry Whites

White wines are often left out during the winter months. Typically served at cooler temperatures, most white wine is consumed during the summer time. However, a smooth white wine can be the perfect compliment to your favorite comfort foods.

  1. Vermentino. Typically consumed in the summer months, a young Vermentino is best paired with veggies and other herb-heavy dishes.
  2. Dry Riesling. While Rieslings are traditionally thought of as sweet wines. A dry Riesling can have a fruity flavor profile and remain dry and smooth on the palate. This wine pairs well with seafood, chicken, or pork dishes and is also a nice compliment to lighter sides.
  3. Chardonnay. A classic dry, white varietal, Chardonnay offers a a creamy, fruit flavor. Due to the buttery taste common in Chardonnay, it works well with starchy winter vegetables like potatoes, pumpkin, corn, and squash.

Dessert Wines

Winter is the perfect time of year to indulge in a dessert wine. This rich, sweet wine is as ideal way to finish off a hearty meal. Enjoyed best in small quantities, it can be a nice pairing with a decadent dessert or is just as delicious all on its own.

  1. Port. The pride of Portugal can be the star of any dessert course. Full, stone fruit flavors give port its distinctive flavors that give that after-dinner cheese course a special sidekick.
  2. Madeira. With flavors ranging from dry to sweet, Madeira’s nutty, carmel flavors make it the perfect match for chocolate based desserts. This wine is also commonly used in food preparation to add a rich flavor to earthy dishes.
  3. Sherry. While typically thought of as an after dinner indulgence, Sherry is a versatile companion to main courses as its flavors are compatible with both sweet, salty, and savory dishes.


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