Sustainability in Wine - Our Part

We Reduce Waste

We exist because 40% of food goes to waste every year. As part of food waste, there is over $1.5 billion of wine that is dumped down the drain yearly in the US.

We believe this is unsustainable. For our generation to feed our growing population - we must change the way we consume food and wine.

Our mission is to reduce waste, starting with wine. ArT Wine Preserver helps reduce that waste by slowing down the oxidation (spoiling) process.

Our Success

So far, we've been able to quantify the amount of waste preserved by our customers. In 2019, we saved 22,196 bottles from going to waste. That is a buttload of wine (44 buttloads to be precise). Said another way, that is 110,975 glasses that were able to quench your thirst rather than be poured down the drain.

Sustainability in wine - reducing food waste in wine


Why does any of this matter?

You may be wondering if saving wine at home even makes a difference, especially when you think about the amount of waste produced upstream (at the vineyard, in transportation, etc). That is all absolutely true! However, the largest impacts come at the furthest point in the supply chain.


A simple comparison to illustrate the point is looking at the impacts of a bottle of wine being poured out at a winery vs. at home. At the winery, this wastes the effort and resources it took to make that bottle of wine. However, a bottle of wine poured out at home has the additional wastes associated with transportation, boxing, unboxing, and every other step along the way. 

Moving Forward

In addition to measuring the amount of wine saved through the use of ArT, we have begun tracking our primary waste streams. This includes carbon emissions (basics and unaudited scope 3), recycling, landfill, and customer waste reduction within our value chain and operations.

To ensure full transparency on our own sustainability initiatives, we will publish our waste data at the end of 2020.

Have questions or your own sustainability goals? We'd love to talk with you! Please see the support page with contacting options.