Wine Basics - A Guide for Beginner and Intermediate Drinkers

wine basics

We compiled a guide to the top five things you need to know about wine. This includes:

1. How to Taste Wine Like a Pro

2. Common Types of Wine

3. How Long Wine Lasts

4. How to Keep Wine Fresh

5. Wine Terms and Descriptors

6. How Much Wine Goes Down the Drain (& Why)

 A preview of each is below. Click the links to dive into details.

1. How to Taste Wine


2. Most Common Types of Wine

Link above to details on each wine, its sweetness, and where its found.

Types of Wine

 3. How Long Does Wine Last?

Wine lasts about three (3) days in the fridge. After the third day, most people will notice an oxidized or vinegar taste. Some wines spoil quicker, such as light white wines.

Why Wine Spoils

4. How to Keep Wine Fresh

For full disclosure, we sell a wine saver that keeps wine fresh using argon gas.

 5. Wine Terms and Descriptors

There are over 103 wine descriptions we listed for you to know. This includes tasting terms like open, closed, dull, structure, bold, and winemaker technical pieces like acidity and dry.

 6. Wine Waste - What goes down the drain

We believe you should drink every drop of your wine. This saves your wine, your money, and natural resources.

Wine Waste