Meeting Our Mission - 2020 Report

Our mission is for you to enjoy more and waste less.

We believe you should enjoy every drop of your wine, without wasting money or natural resources.

Measuring our impact

We measure our progress towards this goal. Last year we promised to measure our impact in more ways and share them publicly. We're proud to share our results to with you.

We serve our customers and track:

1) How many bottles of wine we saved

save bottles of wine

2) How much money we save our customers (net)

saving wine drinkers money

we saved our customers over 1 million dollars on their wine since 2017

We serve our national community and track:

3) How much carbon we put out and prevent (estimated net carbon)

carbon prevented

4) How much water we use and conserve

water conserved

What we will do better

This year we realized that there is more we can do for our community. Our carbon emissions per unit increased over 2019 and we have projects identified to start improving this by 10%.

We have not previously committed to social advances (e.g., D&I). We're looking at ways to improve it and formalized a preferred vendor program aimed to increase the diversity of our supplier and service providers.

How we calculate numbers related to our mission

We're about to get technical.

To make sure we reduce waste, we have to validate that we reduce more waste for than our products create. That is why all our numbers above are 'net'. For example, net savings from customers is ~$35 per unit sold after discounting a $15 per unit sale from $50 saved on average.

To calculate the numbers above, we sent a survey to customers over the last two years. This survey allowed us to collect information on how much wine our customers preserve, how much would have spoiled without ArT Wine Preserver (including those that would not have spoiled at all), and how many units of product they require. We are able to calculate the amount of wine per unit a customer saves on average. We additionally collect information on the prices of wine our customers purchase. Averaging the numbers gives a reasonable range we perform statistical analysis on for internal use. We report publicly and advertise this average.

Equations for the numbers above are:

1) Bottles of wine saved = [(Average wine saved per unit purchased based on customer survey) * (Units sold)

2) Money saved = (Average cost per bottle based on customer survey) * (Bottles of wine saved per unit sold) - (Highest customer cost per unit)

3) Net carbon is based on a first party, uncertified, life cycle assessment of our product including generation, manufacturing, transportation, and waste. We estimate 2.6 kg CO2e per unit of ArT Wine Preserver in 2020 and use an estimated 1.2 kg CO2e per bottle of wine to compare emissions reduced by saving wine to units we create to save said wine. Other publicly available estimates on carbon emissions for creating wine are available with numbers larger than 1.2 kg CO2e. We hope to cut out 0.3 kg per unit by the end of 2021 (10% reduction) which will improve our performance.

4) Water conserved is based on a first party, uncertified, life cycle assessment of our product including generation, manufacturing, and transportation. We estimate 9L of water (green + blue) used to make each unit of ArT Wine Preserver in 2020 and use Waterfootprint Network's estimate of 720 L of water (green + blue) per bottle of wine to compare water conserved by saving wine to units we create to save said wine.

Learn More and Discussion

Need more details on how we get these numbers? Have suggestions? Or need help with your own business?

Feel free to email I am always happy to discuss ways for us to be better or offer insights for others.